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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

You pay on arrival at the store, when picking up your order.

Can I pre-pay so I don't fumble with coins?

Yes, you can pre-pay using Bitcoin at selected venues


Yes, 365cups lets you buy credit from your favourite coffee shop in store. Just add the credit to your order, and pay in-store.

On your next order, we will automatically debit from your in-store credit account. So you can pick-up your pre-paid order without cash or credit cards!

There are no additional costs or fees when buying in-store credit, and the money always stays with the coffee shop to help their cash-flow, so buying credit actually helps your cafe provide better services to you!

Ask in-store for more information

Does 365cups work in NZD, GBP or USD?

365cups works in any currency, in any country, and any timezone

Can I pre-pay online?

No, instead 365cups lets you pre-pay in-store by adding credit to your order, it saves you from fumbling with credit cards, or a clunky 3rd party payment system like PayPal.

By paying your local venue, your helping their cashflow, and removing all risks of credit card fraud

Are there any fees?

We do not charge any fees or any commission from customers or cafe's for ordering using 365cups.

Our aim is to make and keep it free for the customer

I am a Cafe or Restaurant, how much does it cost?

See the Pricing Page for more information

Can I cancel my order?

No unfortunately, you cannot cancel your order. The system is real-time and once an order is sent it is exactly like standing in front of the queue and ordering.

You should double check your order in the preview window, before sending it.

How much time should I leave for my order?

Generally you should place your order a few minutes before your arrive. We recommend placing your first order while you are in the store, to see 365cups in action!

I want some special options on my order

The store has full control to customise their menu and options, if an option is missing, ask them to add it next time you are there.

Or let us know and we can help the store make the necessary changes.

I have some more questions

Contact us, we love solving problems and answering questions